Sprayable Energy T-shirt Design Contest

If you know Ben or I (or our 3rd grade art teachers) you’d know that we are absolutely terrible designers.  Can’t even draw a stick figure terrible.  Despite our lack of artistic skill, we want to make sure that the 1,000+ backers that are expecting a Leonardo da Vinci meets Francis Bacon designed masterpiece of a tshirt get exactly that.

So, that’s where you come in.  We need your help in designing something freaking unbelievable…and we want to make it worth your while (and then some).


The Contest

We’d like you to come up with an amazing design for a Sprayable Energy Tshirt.  We’re pretty flexible, on the design, colorscheme, and messaging.  Use our logo, don't use our logo, whatevs.

Feel free to make it anything PG or a little more provocative – we’ll leave it up to you.

The shirt design will be unisex, and we’re targeting a black vneck (so we can keep it a bit modern)


What you get if you win

- You, your design, (and if you like) your website will be promoted on our website (which has been featured in over 1,300 national publications)

- You'll get 4 free bottles of Sprayable Energy. One in each limited edition color (including the soon-to-be extinct red color).  You'll get these this month (several weeks before all of our other backers)

- You’ll get a fully printed tshirt of your very own (so when people ask where you got that awesome shirt – you can totally say you made it). This can be autographed by the Sprayable Energy team if you'd like...

- You'll have the distinction of adorning the backs (and fronts) of some of the coolest crowdfunders around (including some secret celeb backers that we’re not allowed to mention by name)


The small (or rather medium-sized) print

- Submission Deadline: midnight (PST) September 29, 2013

- How to Submit: Send an email to tshirt@sprayable.co with the attached file (in pdf or jpeg format)

- We get all rights to the design once you hit send – and can use the designs on our site, on other platforms, our backer tshirts, or on our new tattoo’s if we’re so inclined

- Tshirt should be designed to be printed on a black background. You can use our logo/colors or

- Note, we’ll be changing our logo color to a bright green next week (hex code 7fff00 for those that want to be specific)



Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your designs!  If you have any questions, let us know at contact@sprayable.co