Sprayable Classification

We've received a few questions about Sprayable Energy's classification as homeopathic and wanted to provide a clarification:

Long story short - homeopathic is a regulatory classification that happened to work well for us. We can't be classified as a dietary supplement like 5 Hour Energy et al. are, because to be a dietary supplement you have to technically be ingested into the body as a food or liquid. Homeopathic is a classification that affords us roughly the same guidelines, and is something we can be classified as.

A pure classification as homeopathic in of itself doesn't mean the product is devoid of actual ingredients in any substantive quantity - far from it. In fact, if you look at our label, you'll see that it says "Caffeinum 1X" - 1X denotes actually up to 10% of the formula can be caffeine. Compare that to a Red Bull - 80 mg/250 ml, which comes out to about 0.032% of the product being caffeine. We're more heavily concentrated than any energy drink on the market by a long, long, long, long shot.

While we can't comment further on the exact formulation as it's a trade secret (think coca cola's formulation), we can assure you our product contains enough caffeine to energize users topically.

Hope that helps clear some things up! If you have any additional questions - please don't hesitate to contact us at contact@sprayable.co