Sleep Launch Day Promotion

Thanks for being one of our closest friends and customers (hi mom!)

We just launched the Sprayable Sleep Crowdfunding Campaign today and wanted to use this page to share some of the launch day and launch week perks we're offering to our VIP list.

You can visit the campaign by clicking this link

We want to reward our favorite people and give you a chance to:

  1. Get exclusive launch day promotions
  2. Get really great gifts for encouraging your friends to sleep better with Sprayable Sleep

Launch Day Promotion

As thanks for supporting Sprayable since the beginning, we want to get you Sprayable Sleep before ANYONE else.  

That's why each person that orders on launch day (before 11:59pm pst) will get:

  1. A sample of Sprayable Sleep shipped on the last day of the campaign (months before anyone else)
  2. A bottle of our currently unreleased 2ml Sprayable Energy (you'll be one of the first people on the planet to see these)
  3. A $10 Gift Card to use on our site anytime in 2015

What to do:

  1. Order your Sprayable Energy Perk before 11:59pm PST on January 20th
  2. Sit back and wait for your launch day specials (at campaign end) and regular perks (in July)


Launch Week Referral Program

Help Us Help You

We LOVE our friends, family, and earliest customers and want to make sure they are rewarded for sharing Sprayable Sleep.

That's why we'll be offering an exclusive referral program for all the friends, family, coworkers, (even folks you don't care for very much) that back Sprayable Sleep before 11:59PST on January 27th, 2015.

What You Get

Refer $100 (~1-2 Friends) - Get 1 Free Bottle of Sprayable Sleep & 1 Free Bottle of Sprayable Energy.($30 Value)

Refer $250 (~3-5 Friends) - Get everything in the $100 referral level plus the World's Best Sleep Mask and an additional bottle of Sprayable Sleep signed by the founding team ($50 Value) 

Refer $500 (~6-10 Friends) - Get a 3 month subscription to Sprayable Sleep + Sprayable Energy (plus the World's Best Sleep Mask, A signed bottle of Sprayable Sleep, and our Blue Light Blocking Glasses). ($150 Value)

Refer $1,000 (~10-20 Friends) - Get a 1 year subscription to Sprayable Energy & Sprayable Sleep (plus a sleep mask, the autographed bottle, and the blue blocking glasses) ($400 Value)

What To Do:

  1. Sign up for an Indiegogo account if you haven't done so already
  2. Log in and go to
  3. Share the campaign with friends (via email, facebook, twitter, google+) directly off the Indiegogo campaign page (see photo below for where to find this)
  4. Encourage all your friends that have trouble sleeping to order 
  5. Profit!


Details on Our Perks

We also wanted to give you exclusive access to all read about all of our perks and the rewards details so you can make a decision about what is best for you before the campaign starts (and some of these start selling out).

The Perks

1 Month Of Sprayable Sleep - The world's first topical sleep spray.  It's a melatonin based product that helps you go to bed on your schedule and wake up refreshed. Each handsome silver bottle of Sprayable Sleep contains 60 sprays – 30 uses (a month’s supply with regular use).

Sprayable Energy - The world's first topical energy spray.  It's a caffeine based product that gives you energy without the calories, chemicals, or crash.  It's also the product that made us (sort of...kind of) famous. Each sleek black bottle contains 160 sprays – enough for 40 uses of the product. 

The World’s Best Sleep Mask - The world's best sleep mask has been fully engineered to block all light (and has an extra reinforced nose area that even blocks out that tiny bit of light that peeks out from the bottom of other masks).  It is also made of premium foam so it blocks light without even touching your eyes – solving the most common gripe with other sleep masks (that are uncomfortable to use all night).

Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses - These glasses help encourage your body to naturally produce the level of melatonin you need to fall asleep naturally and stay asleep.  Use them in the evenings when you're watching TV, using your phone or tablet, or just trying to do your best Bono impersonation.  Apart from using Sprayable Sleep, they're possibly the best thing you can do to sleep well.

Fast Sample Shipping - We have a few hundred test run bottles of Sprayable Sleep and will send out early sample units to domestic backers that order the right perk level. This means you will be able to start using Sprayable Sleep months before the general public.  

Lifetime Discount - Buy the Lifetime or Reseller Pack and we'll give you a special VIP account with lifetime access to buy Sprayable forever at $10 a unit for individual use (limit 10 a month), even when we retail to everyone else for $15. 


REMEMBER - If you try Sprayable Sleep and it's not for you - feel free to return the unused bottles for a refund (within 6 months of shipment).  So upgrade to your favorite perk level without worrying about not loving the product (which you will).


A Few Final Reminders

  1. Campaign goes live on January 20th (at 8am Pacific)
  2. Launch day ends on January 20th (11:59pm Pacific)
  3. Launch week ends on January 27th (11:59pm Pacific)



Team Sprayable


Overview of Sprayable Sleep

Sprayable Sleep is a melatonin-based product you spray on your skin to get better sleep. Sprayable helps you:

  • Fall asleep on your schedule and wake up refreshed
  • Get healthy natural sleep without addictive pills
  • Mimic how your body naturally produced melatonin (so you stay asleep all night)