Secret Perks

Congratulations! You've gained access to our secret Indiegogo perk page.

Here, we have secret deals that no one else gets, or should even know about. Not only are these perks hugely discounted from our public offerings, but we're also offering an all exclusive gold colored bottle with a limited edition label that will never be available again.


These perks are extremely limited in quantity, so please don't post anything about them publicly - share only privately and discreetly.

We're giving these to you as thanks for being our most dedicated supporters. Once again - thanks. You've made this possible.

NOTE: These are no ordinary bottles.

These are Elite Edition Gold bottles for you - our most elite backers. Every bottle is colored gold (like match your new iPhone gold...or like match your favorite rapper's teeth gold). Every bottle also comes with an exclusive ELITE label that will only be available through this page. These will never be offered again anywhere, so get them now or be left out forever.


So how do you order these? Just click the "Buy Now" links on this page - they'll automatically fill in the right price for you. No need to select a perk on Indiegogo, we'll know what you purchased by the price. NOTE: Please be sure to press the first Continue button on the purchase page, *not* the No Perk Continue button. See this picture:


NOTE - FREE SHIPPING on all perks to anywhere in the US. For international purchases, please add $15 to each price (However, if you've already made a purchase on Indiegogo and paid $15 shipping, you don't have to pay again. Thanks!).


2 Pack - Elite Edition Gold - $24 - Buy Now

Two beautiful Elite Edition Gold bottles to keep you going for an entire month. Function has never been this stylish.

4 Pack - Elite Edition Gold - $40 - Buy Now

Four beautiful Elite Edition Gold bottles. Give your regular bottles to your friends - these gold ones are for you.

12 Pack - Elite Edition Gold - $108 - Buy Now

Twelve beautiful Elite Edition Gold bottles. Make sure you never run out of these extremely limited edition bottles at an amazing price.

LIFETIME PACK - 20 Pack - Elite Edition Gold - $189 - Buy Now

This is literally the most amazing deal ever. Buy this pack, and we'll give you a special VIP account with lifetime access to buy Sprayable forever at $10 a unit for individual use (limit 10 a month, FREE SHIPPING in the US when you buy 2+ in one order), even when we retail to everyone else for $15. Lock in this deal for as long as you live before we realize we've lost our minds. And get 20 beautiful Elite Edition Gold bottles now at a crazy discount while you're at it. That's right - a lifetime 33% discount from our current pricing on Sprayable Energy.