Guarantee Policy


We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders. We only want you to pay for Sprayable products if you ABSOLUTELY LOVE them

Here's how our guarantees work:

30-Day Guarantee On All Orders

When you order a product or subscription of Sprayable, we give you a full 30 days to try them out.

If you're unhappy with your purchase, just contact us at 1-(844)-334-6625 or via email at support@sprayable.co and let us know you'd like a refund and we'll take it from there.

You'll have to return the full and empty bottles to us as a condition of the refund.

(If you have a subscription, you can also easily cancel your order at any time by e-mailing support@sprayable.co.)

To be eligible for a return on multiple products, all items but one of each product must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.


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What People Are Saying About Us:

"It works and it has no side effect! I feel fresh in the morning when I wake up!"

– Cathy Chung

"I noticed a much better sleep pattern and when I did wake during the night I was able to fall back to sleep quicker. I have used over the counter sleep aides for years, sometimes they work and sometimes not.

So far your product has worked each night. I feel like I'm getting more sleep during the night."

– Josh Miller

"If you have sleep issues like me - this is the product you want. With just 2 easy squirts 11 hour before bed you will be sleeping like a baby.

I am a terrible sleeper and have been all my life. Most sleep aids make me extremely drowsy the next day."

– Cassandra Rutledge

"I had no trouble falling asleep, and when I awoke, I felt more rested than I'd felt in weeks.

I've tried other sleep supplements, but none of them have made me feel like I've felt with Sprayable Sleep. I've not felt this rested in many years."

– Neil Hanlon

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