Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work?

Absolutely. Our spray enables caffeine to enter your system at a steady pace over several hours – giving you smooth, long-lasting energy.

Is Sprayable Energy safe?

Very safe. The amount of caffeine contained within our product is less than that found in a cup of coffee. The reason for this is our product, not being ingested, isn't almost entirely metabolized by the liver before entering your system and becoming available to your body. Thus, a smaller amount of caffeine can have just the same effect as a very large amount of caffeine ingested through an energy drink or cup of coffee. However, if you are allergic (or highly sensitive) to caffeine, you should not use our product.

How do I use it?

Spray it in the same way you would spray perfume or cologne - preferably on the neck for the greatest effect. For best results spray four times at once (twice on each side of the neck) and adjust as necessary.  Vary the areas in which you spray to maximize the surface area on which the spray is applied.

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How will I feel?

After spraying, you will feel awake and focused without being over-stimulated as is common with coffee and energy drinks.  Since our product enters your system gradually over a period of several hours, you wont have the "buzz" that you get from caffeine products you drink (or the crash afterwards). 

How does it work?

See How It Works for more details. 

How often can I use Sprayable Energy?

Spray up to six times within four hours, and no more than twenty-four times total per day. In the unlikely circumstance that you experience any sort of side effect, discontinue use of the product immediately.

Is it patented?

We are patent pending.

What are the side effects?

With regular use (<24 sprays daily), there should be no side effects at all unless you are allergic to caffeine.  At extreme doses, the effects are the same as drinking too much coffee or other caffeinated beverages.  Caffeine intoxication would be extremely difficult, but theoretically possible, if one were to apply an very very large amount of spray (several bottles) within a short period of time.  Always stay within the limit of 24 sprays a day.

Can you drink it?

No. Our product is intended to be sprayed on the skin, like perfume or cologne.  Under no circumstances should it be ingested.

Can I use this with coffee or energy drinks?

While using our spray with multiple high-caffeine energy drinks is not recommended, having soft drinks, coffee or tea in moderation with our product isn’t dangerous.  That said, we like to play it safe and do not recommend utilizing multiple sources of caffeine intake at one time.  This will only push you further away from the ideal of being awake and focused and towards being jittery and overstimulated.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

While current research is inconclusive on the effect of caffeine on pregnancy, some doctors recommend limiting caffeine intake to less than 200 milligrams a day during pregnancy.  As we always like to play it safe, we do not market our product to anyone who is pregnant.

Can I use Sprayable Energy on other parts of my body?

While we do recommend using Sprayable on your neck for greatest effect - many users have had success using the product on their inner wrists.  As usual, start with 4 sprays (2 on each wrist) and change it up based on the level of energy you'd like (making sure not to exceed 24 sprays in 24 hours).

Is Sprayable scented?

The Sprayable Energy product is clear and unscented. Apart from the boost of energy, you won't even notice it's there.

Can I shower or swim after using Sprayable?

Being a topical product, Sprayable will get washed off if you come in significant contact with water after application. If you are planning on taking a shower or swimming, it's best to use Sprayable either an hour or more in advance, or after the conclusion of your excursion in water.