About Sprayable

We dealt with sleep and energy problems ourselves - just like you.

We tried all kinds of sleep aids to help us fall asleep and energy boosters to stay awake, but were satisfied with nothing. All of them were either too harsh, riddled with chemicals, or just plain ineffective.


A Better Way To Fall Asleep

We wanted to create a solution that would help you fall asleep at the push of a button. There was nothing like this out there… so, we decided to make it ourselves.

We wanted to create powerful products that are MORE than just hype, and actually work.

It took us two years of extensive research with some of the world’s top PhD’s in biochemistry, and foremost leading experts on transdermal medicine.



Patented Technology For Better Results

We partnered with them. Studied the latest scientific developments. And after a lot of hard work, we finally succeeded.

We applied the cutting-edge developments in transdermal medicine to create a better, more effective solution to restless nights and exhausted days.


Better Sleep & More Energy

The results are two patented, proprietary sprays:

 It’s the easiest, most effective and safest way to fall asleep or get energy reliably - on demand.

Since launching our products, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people sleep better, get more energy, and gain back control over when they can perform and when they can relax.

We hope you give us a chance to help YOU do the same.


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