STUDY: Blue Light From Electronics Leads To Insomnia

STUDY: Blue Light From Electronics Leads To Insomnia
Smartphone is one of the modern day necessities. Some get hooked to it because of social media, others because of the games and many who use it for work. Most of us are too attached and addicted to it that we feel incomplete if we don’t have with us.

A recent study about how people are addicted to their smartphones revealed:

  • 71% of people sleep right next to their mobile phone.
  • 13% of people sleep with their smartphone in the bed…
  • 1 in 3 people check their smartphone in the middle of the night!

But most worrying of all was a statistic that came from Statista. They discovered that 20% of young people have confessed to checking their smartphones during sex!

Some people are concerned about smartphone addiction for moral reasons. For example, people say that Millennials spend more time on their phones than actually talking to one another.

However, that’s not the main concern. The concern is how your smartphone is causing your insomnia?

Because the blue light emitted from electronics suppresses your melatonin production making it more difficult to fall asleep. In other words, using your computer, TV, iPad or your smartphone just before bed makes insomnia worse.

After all, a 2014 study from Harvard University showed that people who look at their electronics at night-time had a harder time falling asleep, spent less time in deep REM sleep and woke up feeling more irritable, tired and exhausted.

One of the most important things you’ll ever do to improve your sleep is to put away your mobile phone 60 minutes before you want to fall asleep. Ideally, don’t even bring your phone into your bedroom. Keep it in another room charging overnight. By not even bringing it into your bedroom, it takes away the temptation to use it.