Move That Body For Quality Sleep

Move That Body For Quality Sleep

Just like diet, regular exercise is another key component of a healthy lifestyle. Regular workouts make you healthier, perform better and feel better.

Your body requires movement to maintain and heal itself.

It helps you absorb nutrients from your food, and eliminate the toxic waste out of your body.

Plus, regular exercise helps you sleep better.

In one study, people who started exercising experienced a 55% increase in speed of falling asleep, an 18% increase in total sleep time and a 13% increase in the quality of sleep.

Another study found that insomniac patients had a drastic improvement in sleep quality when they started a consistent exercise regimen.

To optimize your sleep, add the right types of exercise to your lifestyle.


Most types of exercise are good for you.

Adding any type of consistent exercise to your life will most likely improve it.

But to get the best hormonal response, you might want to lift heavy weights.

This will trigger your body to secrete more anabolic hormones, which will help you feel better, look better and sleep better as well.

Don’t worry - you don’t have to start bodybuilding.

Some regular strength training does the trick.


1. Exercise regularly. Whatever you do, make sure you exercise regularly.

2. Do some strength-based resistance training. It’s the best type of exercise to help you sleep better.


Some people work out after work.

But if you want to get the best sleep at night, you might want to consider working out early in the morning.

In one study, people who exercise at 7am slept longer and had a deeper sleep cycle than those who did it in the afternoon or evening.

They also had up to 75% more or the regenerative type of “deep sleep” at night.

The benefits of exercising early in the morning are just too great to pass up.

Exercising gets your body going, kickstarts your day and syncs your hormone levels to sleep better at night.


1. Exercise early in the day. Morning workouts are ideal if you want to get the best sleep at night. If you really prefer to have your big workout later in the day, try and do at least one simple activity right after waking up. A quick bodyweight exercise or some quick cardio is sufficient to get your heart pumping.

2. Exercise at least 4 hours before going to bed. Exercising can significantly raise your body temperature, which makes it harder for you to fall asleep. It can take 4 to 6 hours for your temperature to fully come down again.