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    Fall asleep quickly and stay asleep - with this patent-pending melatonin spray.

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    "I noticed a much better sleep pattern and when I did wake during the night I was able to fall back to sleep quicker. I have used over the counter sleep aides for years, sometimes they work and sometimes not. So far your product has worked each night. I feel like I'm getting more sleep during the night."

    Josh Miller


    "I had no trouble falling asleep, and when I awoke, I felt more rested than I'd felt in weeks. I've tried other sleep supplements, but none of them have made me feel like I've felt with Sprayable Sleep. I've not felt this rested in many years."

    Neil Hanlon


    "The first time I used it I felt noticeably drowsier within probably 20 or 30 minutes of spraying it on. I didn't notice any side-effects, and would definitely recommend it to anybody who has trouble falling asleep."

    Nate Hartman


    "I woke up and realized I had actually slept. This was delightful! I felt better all day."

    Melissa Ingram


    I'm so addicted to caffeine that I like to say my personality is 70% caffeination, so this product is perfect for me. I'm still addicted to the taste of coffee (I guess I associate it with the effects), but now I find that I can drink decaf or a small cup of coffee and get the rest of my caffeine intake from Sprayable. If I can't resist that delicious cup of coffee in the morning, rather than splurging on Starbucks when the morning cup wears off around 2pm, I just reach for Sprayable and I'm good to go. This way I save a ton of money AND calories!

    Kelly Hart


    The Exciting News: SPRAYABLE ENERGY WORKS! I mean, it really works! In the past weeks of use, I've had only great results. This really is exceptional - I'm allergic to so many things - wasp stings, pollen, smoke (all kinds), various plants, almost every antibiotic, etc. I've even had bad allergic reactions to the inert ingredients in some medications. But I've had no bad reactions to Sprayable Energy, just a steady energy for hours - with no crash. Life is good!

    Sami Swan Thompsonon


    I'd buy it again because of the benefits over coffee -- it's MUCH cheaper. Coffee is bad for your teeth, and sometimes makes your mouth feel gross / gives you bad breath.
    The easy and simplicity of using it and bringing it anywhere is really appealing.
    Especially if you've forgotten your cup of coffee, or don't have time to get one, it only takes 10 seconds to use Sprayable Energy.
    I love Sprayable Energy! I think it's an awesome, revolutionary product with a trendy / futuristic / cool brand behind it. If there are similar products out there, I don't care because the Sprayable Energy brand is very strong and appealing to me.

    Dan Leveilleon


    "Used this before cycling. A great difference in gaining energy."



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