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Sprayable Energy

Sprayable Energy is the best way to get the energy you need. Just spray it in seconds on your skin (preferably on the neck) and you're ready to go. The spray is safe, odorless, and portable. You'll get steady energy for hours with no crash. Pick up a few bottles to leave in your desk, suitcase, and pocket.

Each black aluminum bottle contains 40 doses (160 sprays) in every bottle - a two week supply.

Any purchase of 2 bottles or more receives free domestic (US) shipping. Must be 18+ to purchase.


NOTE: Introductory pricing for Sprayable has ended, and each bottle of Sprayable now costs $20.

However, for a limited time we are honoring the introductory price of $15 a bottle to smooth out the transition.

To order Sprayable at the original discounted price of $15 a bottle, just use this coupon at checkout to take 25% off any order:


"It's been a 16 hour day - I've had no coffee, no soda - only water, and it worked. The fact that Iu2019m able to not have any coffee or energy drinks and still hold up is pretty impressive.u201d