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The End of Tired

Sprayable Energy is the world's first topical caffeine spray - applied to your skin for a smooth focused boost of energy.

The Evolution of Energy

Highly Portable

Carry a 2 week supply of energy in your pocket (and leave a bottle in your car, bag and desk)

All the Energy -
None of the Other Stuff

No Color, No Fragrance, No Calories, Sugar, Strange Ingredients or Awful Taste

Sprayable is clear, unscented and effective

Steady Energy That Lasts

Sprayable enters your system at a steady rate - giving you the exact amount of energy you need for hours

This means no jitters, crash, or caffeine overdose


Sprayable Energy was created by a Harvard student, a venture capitalist, and a PhD in Chemistry that has spent his entire career on transdermal products.

Use It Whenever You Need Energy

At The Office

Before a Big Workout

Before a Late Drive

During an Early Lecture

While Studying for Finals

During a Big Night Out

Who Should Try Sprayable Energy

Formulated for Caffeine
Sensitive Users

Sprayable’s gradual delivery is perfect for those sensitive to energy drinks or coffee.

Great for Health
Conscious Users

Sprayable has none of the unpronounceable ingredients, preservatives, flavorings, or sugars of other energy products

Save a Ton of

Sprayable is way cheaper than coffee or energy drinks.

What Users & Media Are Saying

"It's been a 16 hour day - I had no coffee, no soda, only drank water, and it worked. The fact that I’m not able to have any coffee or energy drinks and am still able to hold up is pretty impressive.”